Design is related strongly to creativity. However, it is often that we get stuck in a situation when it is so hard to find any idea and create any design that you think can be appealing or artistic. It is not something new to experience a rut. Every artist and designer must have had experience this kind of situation in their life. However, it is not something unfixable though. You can always try to refresh your mind so ideas and inspiration won’t be that hard to come by. 

Improving your skills in design by travelling

Every individual may have different approach to solve their problem. As for the problem of having difficulty to be creative in creating design, you can go travelling as the solution. It is because travelling can generate creative benefits. It is not the travel only that can get you immersed but also the whole experience including the culture you learn, the people you meet, and the different language you encounter. So how can travel improve your skills in design?

How Travelling Can Improve Your Skills In Design

New Perspective

New perspective is what can trigger your mind to open up. When you travel to new places, you will notice many new things. You will realize that with different culture, people resolve problems in different ways as well. In addition, there are aesthetics you will get to appreciate as they are new in your eyes. You may see common things in the place you visit. However, every one of those common things may have different design. Realizations will come as you are faced with new perspective from the place you visit. And keep in mind that you will only get new perspective when you experience new culture directly. 

Creativity Triggers

Through travel, your creativity will be enhanced. Throughout your journey, you will experience many new things in different perspective. You will realize that differences are not bad things. It is about perspective. You will also learn many things that can enhance your senses through new smell, sounds, tastes, languages, and many other elements. Those experiences will increase a cognitive flexibility. Thus, it will results in more creative mind because your brain will be able to jump from one ideas to another. You will also be able to make connections that you may have never thought before. 

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Engage, Immerse, Adapt

The key of travelling that can help improving your skills in design is how you can engage, immerse, and adapt. When you travel, try to engage in many new experiences. You can try interacting with the locals more and learn new things about their culture. You also need to let yourself immerse those new knowledge and experiences. Let your mind open up and absorb anything you find throughout your travel. Gradually, your mind will be able to adapt those new things through many things. As the result, you will be able to make some connection and associate what you find into something more imaginable in your mind. This will help your mind to function creatively. Therefore, travelling is a great way to refresh your mind and get your design skills improved. 

How Travelling Can Improve Your Skills In Design