Pregnancy is one of the most precious moments in life. However, it often limit you from doing activities you are used to especially the one that is at risk for straining your body. One of demanding activity is travel. Whether you travel by car, train or plane, doing it during your pregnancy have potential to put your health and safety at risk. Therefore, it is important for you to know everything about travelling during pregnancy to ensure that your body and your baby are safe. 

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy

Travel and pregnancy

Every women experience differently during their pregnancy. Some women tend to feel weaker than they used to. Some others may experience no difference and can stay active during their pregnancy. The risk of pregnancy for every woman is also different. Other personal health condition may cause complication and such. Travelling may increase the risk so it is highly suggested to find out more information before travelling wile you are pregnant. 

Check with your doctor

First thing first, you have to check your health to your doctor to find out whether or not you are allowed to travel. If the doctor suggests you to avoid any kind of travelling especially travel between cities or countries, then you have to follow them. Doctor may suggest you to travel during second semester since it is the most stable condition during pregnancy. During first and third semester, the risk is too high so you will be most likely not being permitted to go travelling. 

Safety is priority

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy

Always prioritize your safety during the trip. Keep in mind that you cannot be selfish because you are keeping your baby inside your body. If you travel by car, always buckle up. Lap and shoulder belts are essential to use. They give maximum protection for you and your baby. Travel by train can be more comfortable since you have more room to move and stretch every once in a while. However, make sure o hold on to something if you need to go to the restroom. Travelling by plane can be more challenging especially with the potential turbulence. 

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Try travelling by sea

Travelling by sea during pregnancy is also possible. If you have made sure that you are good to go and gain your doctor’s permission, you have to do other homework. You should check with the cruise line if there is health care provider on board ready to be called 24 hours. There is also another risk of travelling by sea such as seasickness. If you have to take seasickness medication, make sure that you take the ones that are safe for pregnant women. 

Bring companion for your travel plan

Travelling alone during pregnancy is not recommended because you are out of sight. Your safety is at risk if you travel alone especially to foreign country. It is highly suggested to bring a companion who knows your condition and can help you to stay safe and comfortable. It is also essential to stay hydrated during the trip. Dehydration can cause serious discomfort and fatigue to your body. Bring your own bottled water to ensure it’s safe. 

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy