It is true that a trip can be a good medicine for fatigue, stress, or boredom. Visiting new places to escape momentarily from your real life is a good thing to do. Distracting yourself to regain more positive energy is better than trying to survive with distressed mind and body. Taking a trip for few days is a good medicine so you can recharge your energy. Thus, you will be more motivated when you return. A trip is not something to forget about. It is something you need to remember because it holds many memories. That’s why you need to find the best thing to immortalize your memories during your trip and you can do it your way.

Use your passion to immortalize your trip

When you decide to take a trip, it means you are ready to make some memories. Those will be saved for later so you have something to remind you when you forget. Travelling to many interesting places needs to be immortalized. However, you can do it based on your own passion and interest.

If your passion is photography, you can immortalize your vacation with your camera. It doesn’t matter whether you use camera phone or professional camera. The point is, you immortalize the places, people, or things you find interesting during your trip through camera lens. Every experiences will be morphed into beautiful pictures or videos you can save. It is even better if you make it aesthetically pleasing so your pictures or videos will be album-worthy. You can set the mood yourself while taking the pictures so you can truly deliver the message. For example, you can play with the lighting, angle, saturation and all to create certain mood so the pictures can speak themselves.

How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion

If your passion lies on writing, you can immortalize your travel experience using journal. You can use physical journal like pocket book or use digital journal on your phone or PC. When visiting interesting places or meet interesting people, you can write them right away on your journal so you won’t forget the memories even years later. You can also set the mood differently. You should use your writing style to make it truly you. You can spend some time to write during your trip such as before going to bed or when you enjoy the scenery.

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You can immortalize your travel experience to raw sketches if your passion is drawing, painting or sketching. You see, there is something beautiful about sketching, drawing, or painting spontaneously on the spots once you feel the mood. It can happen during your trip because you will encounter many interesting thing that can motivate you to draw. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your sketchbooks when you are going to travel so you can immortalize every beautiful memories throughout your trip. There are many things you can immortalize into drawing, be it people, scenery, or even your feel at the moment. Choose your own passion to immortalize your travel experience to make it more personal and unique.

How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion