Finding tattoo artist Bali amidst the numerous tattoo shops you can find in Bali can be tricky. Once you’re in Bali, on top of the concern about tattoo hygiene and standard procedure (if a studio even has one?) you’ll probably wonder how do you even an artist or a studio that’s just right for you? On top of adjusting your holiday planning to make room for a tattoo session, tattoo is serious business. Even though it could certainly cost much less to get the same quality tattoo and procedure as back home with less money, finding good artists that actually suits you needs some digging. But fret not, it’s entirely doable and many people actually love to come to Bali just to get their tattoo done. 

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Finding tattoo artist Bali – is it difficult? 

When you’re on the island without prior plan on getting a tattoo, you might wonder whether finding a trustworthy and reliable tattoo artist is going to wreck your brain. However, as long as you follow some of these basic steps, you won’t get lost. This may seem so simple, but surprisingly, so many people neglect it when they’re going to get a tattoo. 

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Defining what kind of tattoo you want 

Ask yourself some of these very important questions; is the tattoo design you have in mind something that you want only recently? Perhaps you’re getting carried away by all the tropical vibes Bali engulfed you in and decided to go have a tattoo on an impulse? Is the design realistic to be done during your holiday (or whatever trip you have in Bali)? If you want an elaborate back or sleeve pieces that require multiple appointment, for example, you may not have enough time to have it done by the time your holiday ends. 

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Knowing what you want and the extent of how you want it is the very first key to finding an artist. You might want to simply jump into browsing tattoo artist Bali portfolio, it’s a very tempting, very easy thought. However, you’ll be swarmed with so many options it’ll be hard to discern whether you’d actually want that tattoo or it’s a passing fancy. Bali or not, remember that you’re going to have the piece of art for the rest of your life. 

Knowing the niche of your tattoo 

Let’s face it, art is a highly intimate and highly personal endeavor. Not just for you, ultimately, for your tattoo artist Bali as well. Not everyone will be willing to do the kind of design you have in mind. Take tiny tattoos and fine line tattoos for example. They’re not the kind of tattoo design every tattoo artist will be willing to do for you. Don’t just go blindly to any places Bali tattoo Seminyak or tattoo Canggu or wherever; find out about the studio first. 

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With that said, often times, the very best tattoo artist Bali will have their very own “niche” to cater to. Although many artists do a little bit of everything, exceptionally good Bali tattoo artists often specialize in something. For instance, your artist may specialize in fine, intricate lines. 

Professional relationship with your Bali tattoo artist

You’re purchasing art, a service. So the service matters. Being comfortable with your artist is very important. For you to feel comfortable voicing what you want to your artist is essential to having a tattoo experience in Bali that you won’t regret. It’s important that you feel at ease in their presence. If you think a tattoo artist isn’t right for you for whatever reason (if they make you feel uncomfortable or they look down on your choice of design? It could be anything) then it’s within your right to leave. Everyone has their own version of best tattoo artist; find yours. 

Want a Tattoo? How to Pick Tattoo Artist Bali to Do It?