Asia is a great travel destination especially if you are looking for raw beauty of nature and special charms. One of the most recommended places to visit in Asia is Taipei, which is located in Taiwan. There are many reasons why Taipei is worth travelling for. It is the capital city of Taiwan which hold attractive charms from various aspects. You will fall in love with the mountains surrounded the city. However, you will also get captivated by the urban attractions. Taipei is home to more than 7 millions residents. 

Tips for smooth travelling in Taipei, Taiwan

As mentioned earlier that Taipei owns many charms that will captivate you in the first visit. There are many things to see and visit when you travel in Taipei including The mighty Taipei which stands at 1,670 feet and is crowned as the third tallest structure in the world. Shopping malls, electronic centers, dining experience, and MRT system are also some parts of charms of Taipei. Here are some tips for smooth travel in Taipei, Taiwan:

Accommodation in Taipei

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Accommodation is not an issue when travel to Taipei. It is a modern city with various option of accommodation for visitors and travelers alike. You will find luxury hotels in the most strategic place in the city offering luxury amenities such as W Taipei Hotel, Grand Hotel, Dandy Hotel, etc. If you are budget traveler, you have many options of more affordable accommodation. You can check in hostels scattered around the city. One of the most recommended is Homey Hostel. Even though it is a hostel, you will be provided with basic amenities and facilities to keep you comfortable during your stay. Not to mention that the owners are friendly and sociable. 


Dining experience in Taipei is an absolute bliss. There are many places you can go to to explore various delicacies of Taipei. There are dining places rich in historical value. Not to mention that you can experience firsthand the local tradition through dining experience. There are many recommended places to enjoy local delicacies such as Fireweeds, Pin Xian, and Tripod King, Flavors. 

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Attractions are varied when it comes to Taipei. It is highly recommended to visit Taipei at least three days so you get to visit main attractions in the city. There are many options when it comes to attractions in Taipei such as Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall to learn more about the history and culture of Taiwan. There is also Miramar Entertainment Park where you can hop on a 70-meter Ferris wheel to enjoy the views all the way to Taipei 101 and Yangming Mountain. Or, you can also spend your time shopping at Technopia where you can find various electronics such as laptop, phones, camera, and their accessories. 

Night market

Visiting night market is a must when you travel Taipei because it has its own charm that hard to resist. Their night markers are unique in various aspects. There are many night markets highly recommended to visit such as Danshui, Raohe Night Market, Shilin Night Market, as well as Jianguo Jade and Flower Markets.

Travel Tips To Taipei, Taiwan