Traveling in Bali can be a dream of many people around the world. But have you been heard before that sometimes, people are feeling that they have been cheated. They have been spent money they shouldn’t.

Ways to save money when tarveling in Bali

No wonder that many travelers are being disappointed even though they may not as broke as you think. But sadly, may travelers may were thinking that they been a scam victim.

That’s why I am going to show you some useful and practical tips to save your money while anticipating of being scammed when traveling in Bali. So, follow along the below tips whether you are traveling alone or in a family holidays.

1. Rent a car or a bike by your own

When you are staying in a villa or condo in Bali, mostly you’d like to ask the management to find you a car that you can rent for even days. Doing that can be your main option when have no idea where to find a car and a kind driver at all.

But to be honest, you can actually do it yourself. There are so many online car rentals today where the car is even will be delivered to your accommodation. If you are asking the accommodation’s management for that, I am afraid that the price will be marked up.

2. Try to say no when your driver is asking you to buy souvenirs in a certain shop

Many of the tourism’s drivers in Bali that are working in a tour and travel agent have been cooperating with the souvenir shops in Bali. Meaning that when they are delivering you to a souvenir shop, they will be telling the shop’s management that you as the tourists are there because of that driver.

Doing that will make the drivers get a commission from the shop. The more you are shopping, the more money the driver get. Sadly, sometimes the souvenirs or goods you are buying can be more expensive as well.

So that, saying no is much better option when your driver is asking you for that. If you really need to buy things in the shop in a high amount of money, you’d better find a public or an online taxi service.

3. Why bothering in hiring a guide?

To ensure that you can save more money while traveling in Bali, ask yourself why would you like to hire a guide for days? It is not a sin for doing that, but are you really need a guide in Bali. All of the information about the destinations, attractions, things to do, etc have been published online and you have a phone that can actually “guide” you there. So, what’s the point of hiring one?

Except a guide is knowing about the history of the destination, assist you in many possible ways that can make your trip more comfortable and more. If not, then forget about hiring a guide because you will only wasting the money instead of saving it.

4. Many popular beach clubs and even the quite ones are the money trap

There is a beach club in Bali that has its own restaurant but when you are trying to eat and enjoy yourself side of the pool, you have to pay more for that.

Most of the beach clubs will also give you the foods and drinks where their prices are not making any senses. I have a friend that was even paying up to million Rupiahs for the foods, drinks, and places that I can afford no even up to a half of it in the other places.

It is insane that a coffee itself can cost you tens of dollar. Not to mention about the other hidden costs they may not telling you earlier. Having fun at beach club is not recommended ever since the prices can be the same or even expensive than a villa rental for a night.

How to Save Money When Traveling in Bali