You may are rare to hear about the surf holiday camp in Morocco as it is a Northern African country that most of the people are embracing the Sunni Islam as their religion. When you are in Africa and know that most of the people are moslems, it is kind of strange to talk about the surfing activities, isn’t it?

Worry not about what I have just informed you! This tropical country is not only beautiful and you will not also riding the waves secretly since this is not the strict country as you may have been thought of before.

Why a surf holiday camp in Morocco?

A surf camp Morocco trip idea is actually referring to a surfing class or course for beginner and intermediate surfers, up to the professionals that are combined with the water activity especially surfing together with the other travelers that have the same and common interest.

It is actually hard form me to explain what the surf camp in Morocco is or at any other countries and cities and who it is for besides for those who want to become the surf instructor or an athlete. But surely we won’t getting in-depth explanation about that and let’s see why you will need to plan a surf holiday camp to Morocco.

1. The exotic setting of surf holiday camp in Morocco

Surf holiday camp in Morocco

Have you been heard before about the countries with 4 seasons? Mostly, they will be in Europe land. Be it the France, Germany, Italy and more. But did you know that the Morocco’s weather itself is one the most pristine when its come to the four-season experience?

Planning a surf camp trip in Morocco is also a great way to enjoy the tropical weather of Northern African country which can be the best holiday atmosphere when it will be combined with the beach and water-sport or surfing activity. I mean, what and where could be better for surfing than such country with pristine weather?

Anyway, doesn’t an orange sandy beach is kinda unique for you? It is like a desert with the infinity water on horizon.

2. Surfing location option for any conditions, skills and levels

This second point is why you will need to get your own surf holiday camp package in Morocco. You can surf on the rocky bottom combined with the sandy ones spot, totally the beach break spots or you can choose to challenge yourself at the reef breaks.

You don’t also need to think about missing a class because of your skill and level is as an amateur and beginner surfers. You are totally don’t need to think that way. The surf camp in Morocco is supporting all kind of skills and levels as I have said on above. By saying that, you don’t have to worry about bringing the kids and teach them about the surf activities that are combining fun and health benefits.

3. Where else you can take your family in a camp surf at Arabian land besides Morocco?

This may not as special as I thought. But, we have been knowing for so long that the Arabian lands are pretty much strict in their rules. While the surfing itself is mostly will allow you to use quiet open clothes, it can also means that the country is pretty much open to anyone as well.

But it doesn’t mean that you can free to use whatever clothes you are bringing. It is better to respect the people’s religion and culture than prioritizing your holiday.

Your trip may important, but the other people’s religion and culture should be much appreciated. Anyway, besides Morocco and Dubai, where else we can go for a camp surf trip in Arabian peninsula?

Surf Holiday Camp in Morocco to Learn and Improve Your Surfing Level