Travelling is not ideal following the situation COVID-19. travelling overseas also increase the risk of exposure to the virus. However, domestic travel is now allowed with some guidelines and measurements from authorities to follow. Travel means you most likely to stay at hotels or any other vacation stays. However, it also means you are in place with other people you don’t know. Hotels now take strict regulations and policies to ensure the safety of their guests. Still, you need to take precautions yourself.

Staying at hotel during travel

If you have to stay in the hotel during your trip due to the length of it, you have to take some considerations and preparations prior. 

Many hotels have outlined their new policies in order to minimize the risk of virus spreading. Cleaning and sanitizing the room has now become the top priority. However, it is still possible for every hotel or provider to deliver different standards in cleaning policies. Therefore, it is essential for you to ask any information you need to ensure your safety for your stay later. You have the right to ask any information so do not hesitate especially if you are planning to bring your kids. 

Stay in Hotel
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Some major hotel groups even upgrade their cleaning procedures to another level such as by using ultraviolet light technology to ensure the cleanliness of every surface in hotel spaces. Some even use electrostatic sprayers as disinfectant to sanitize the place. Many people are a bit worried because extra measurements usually means extra fee to pay. This issue however is still unclear. Cleaning policy is priority now for every hotel groups not only to attract more guests but also to ensure the safety of everyone. 

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Staying at hotel during pandemic might not be ideal but some precautions have been made. For example, hotels now provide extra amenity kits such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes at public spaces within the hotel. Also, there are markings made in an area where guests should get in line such as at front desks. Therefore, you have to follow the rules of social distancing and other measurements taken by the hotel if you are planning to stay there during your trip.

Hotels now also limit the number of people inside the elevator. The suggested number is less than four guests. Also, hotels perform temperature screenings for guests and employees to detect any possible infection. Thermal scanners are used in every entry point. They also encourage guests to wear a mask before entering hotel area. 

There are some changes to the services delivered in hotels right now that may leave you surprised. For example, cleaning policy is now stricter and the service delivered in particular standard. Hotels must want to be in more control in who touches what. Also, buffets are now unavailable in hotel because it increase the risk of people stuck together in one place which makes it hard to maintain social distancing. Guests’ optimum well-being is prioritized by hotel provider now.

Is It Safe To Stay At Hotel Right Now?