Whenever we imagine about Liveaboard, all goosebumps and excitement are coming to our nerves. Going on a Liveaboard is one of ultimate list on having a dream vacation.

But planning for a liveaboard trip is not that simple. We need to consider and do research of any itinerary. Often its time consuming for us on preparing several aspect. Those aspect including budgeting, Alikai Liveaboard booking, destination, insurance, gear rental and of course your packing

Packing for Alikai Liveaboard
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

Packing during a Alikai liveaboard trip is essential to make sure you are fulfilled with your needs. Sometimes it left us puzzled as a first-timer and we have no idea what would happen. If you happen to carry a lot of luggage, you will cost a lot of energy. Meanwhile, if you go on lightweight packing, you might miss something important.

So here are several simple packing that can guide you on your first Alikai liveaboard trip.

Determine the activities

Packing before any outdoor activities must be based on several aspects. Not recommend to put things in a backpack directly, it will be more wise to first determine your intention. Note every activity you plan during the travel and align with any itinerary needed. With a clear plan and schedule, your getaway will be more fun and easier.

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Prepare your staple item

Just like living on a normal day, we always have tendencies on staple items to our day going. Staple item refer to any basic necessary item for your individual or group needs. 

Whatever the destination, you will always need to bring it close to you. Some staple items you will need are your additional food, medicine, toiletries, extra shirt, documentation gear, etc.

Gear up your equipment

There are lots of activity to do during an Alikai liveaboard trip. Cast away to an unfamiliar landscape will leave us curious of new sightseeing and experiences. For instance Alikai Boat Indonesia, they provide activities from kayaking, diving, snorkeling, trekking and birdwatching. All of the list are considered to be the complete one amongst the other with Alikai Indonesia.

Alikai Liveaboard
Source: Alikai Liveaboard

To make those activities more fun and memorable, you will need additional gear and equipment. Either you may rent these gear elsewhere or if it’s included in your trip package. But with Alikai Cruise Indonesia, they have provided these equipment for cutomer’s better experience.

Don’t overpack things

Pack responsibly. As first-timers who get excited to new experiences, they tend to put everything as if it was necessary. Its the kind of mistake we want to avoid. All of the sudden you will realize that half of the luggage are untouched. So its best to pack only the necessary to you or groups

Communicate with liveaboard cruise crew

You have the time in the world to communicate with the Cruise Indonesia crew. Some useful information and guidance may be provided. To mention Alikai Cruise Indonesia, they have 12 dedicated and highly experienced crew ready to help match your expectations. Led by professional expedition leader, his extensive experience will narrate your liveaboard story more special.

Alikai Liveaboard
Source: Alikai Liveaboard

Further having communication before you sail doesn’t do any harm. Its always good to crosscheck any necessary point so your group will have clear information.

Alikai Liveaboard – Packing Guide on Your First Trip