Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip

The global pandemic has brought some major changes to how we travel now. It is impossible to get back to how it was before the pandemic. The future will be different as well. Choosing transportation that provide safety for every passenger is the main issue now. Public transportation are considered a risky place for being exposed to the virus. It is no longer about safely arrive at your destination and having comfortable ride but also about slowing the spread and protecting yourself as well as others of COVID-19. using transportation needs precautions and extra measurements now.

Choosing and using safe transportation to travel during pandemic

Some people may find it impossible to fully stay at home due to circumstances such as the nature of their work. It is important consider factors such as feasibility, practicality, and acceptability so the transportation you are planning to use meet your needs.

Always stick to the health protocols

Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip

It is essential to always stay up to date with information provided by your local authorities include information regarding to how to have safe travel. Using any type of transportation, it is important to stick to these measurements:

  • Wearing face mask throughout the entire trip.
  • Practicing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette in public spaces.
  • Before leaving your home, washing your hand thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and running water. Or, you can also apply hand-sanitizer containing 60% alcohol instead.
  • Taking hand-sanitizer with you so you can use it once you are inside the vehicle.
  • Upon your arrival at destination point, washing your hands again thoroughly.
  • During the trip, avoid touching your face, mouth, and nose carelessly.
  • Covering your sneezes or coughs either with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Throw the tissue in the trash bin properly.

What you should remember when using transportation

During travel, it is critical to practice social distancing rules. If you have to get in line, keep the distance at least 6 feet with the others. Wearing a mask can also helps you for spreading or contacting the virus if the crowd is unavoidable. If you bring your kids, encourage them to do so unless they are under 2 years old. Also, it is not encouraged for people with trouble breathing to wear mask. Remember that wearing a mask is not to protect the wearer from being infected by the virus but to protect others just in case the wearer is already infected without showing any symptoms.

Don’t use transportation if you are sick

If you are sick, it is strongly advised to stay at home instead of travel and using transportation. If you really have to go travel to some places, bring adequate supplies such as pack some masks, travel-size hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. When using transportation, avoid touching anything. If it is possible, use touchless payment.

Improve the ventilation whenever possible

If you take smaller transportation such as taxi, ask your driver to improve the ventilation inside. It is safer to use smaller transportation such as taxis instead of buses or trains because it reduce the risk of interacting with others. However, there is always risk due to the changes of passengers from time to time so always take necessary precautions and measurements.

Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip