The world of real estate is growing rapidly. Businesses like this will always experience price increases and never suffer losses, except under certain conditions. Especially in Bali, the property is the target of investors as many expats and tourists decide to settle down. In fact, not a few of them are doing business and carrying along with their families so that Bali has automatically become a new home for them. Leasing property in Bali has always been a trending topic in the business world. Keep in mind that Bali does not need to sell because with all that Bali has to be able to promote its own area.

leasing property in bali

What Do You Need To Know Before Leasing Property In Bali?

Short visits on vacation to Bali that turn into monthly or even annual visits bring many foreign investors. The scenario is monthly visits and changing to annual means long-term accommodation needs. To rent a hotel room every time a foreigner arrives in Bali needs a large academic fee. What is possible is renting property, whether housing, apartment or villa.

What are the rules for leasing property in Bali for foreigners?

To obtain property ownership as a foreigner, especially in Bali is quite complex. Why? There are many policies and restrictions that have been implemented by the Indonesian government. Do foreigners have other alternatives? Leasing property is the simplest possibility to be able to use the property. There are benefits, of course, there are risks that will arise. Things like arranging agreements and signing agreements by the owner or tenant.

In this case, the rights and obligations of each party must be explained in detail and ready to be signed, even if you are a foreign citizen. The lease period for foreigners is a maximum of 25 years. According to the regulation, the lease period can be extended by 2x provided that foreigners still have permission to stay in Bali. If the residence permit has expired, foreigners must immediately transfer property to other parties.

What The Benefit of Leasing Property In Bali?

For investors, leasing property in Bali will bring many benefits in various ways. If you want more income, you can rent back your leasing property in Bali to tourists. Travelers are now clever in choosing the right accommodation for them. When coming on vacation with family or with a group, they will certainly enjoy the comfort and privacy of a villa. For expats who work in Bali, the possible choice of residence is a house or villa, and this depends on the budget of your residence while working. Many things and processes must be processed to be able to lease property in Bali, but after that, you can reap unlimited benefits.

Leasing Property In Bali And The Benefits