There will be time when you are operating an online business, you will use what other internet marketers are calling it as the social media campaign.

And while we are talking about it, I am going to remind you that any kind of activities you are doing on social media can give you the three results which are the best one, the worst, or nothing.

It all depending of what you are going to do and for only sometimes, it is also depending on how much your budget is to involving in a Social Media Optimization so your business will get more chances to be found by those who are interesting about your offers.

Important preparation before running your social media campaign

If you are confusing about what the social media campaign is, it is simply the ways, tools and other digital assets your business have had to start utilizing social media platforms for spreading your business information.

social media campaign

Some digital assets are really important as well as the strategy that they will be required to be available before running the campaign (activities) to support the online present of the business itself. And you will know about those important aspects in just a second away.

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1. Professional logo design and cover image

As businesses are required to be displayed professionally, many of them are competing to have a professional and unique logo as one of their identity. And to be honest, you will also do the same for yours.

Mostly, it will be used as profile picture even though some big other businesses are sometimes changing it with their brand ambassador images. So does the cover image where it is also important for some popular social media platforms to encourage the others to think that your business is truly professional.

2. Consistency in writing the NAP of all your business social media accounts

If you are asking what NAP is, you are actually have been known it already. It is an acronym of:

  1. Name of your business (mostly the brand)
  2. Address (where is at?)
  3. Phone numbers

If you are thinking that it is not important at all, then it is actually a way of saying that your business is not consistent.

To deal with NAP, all you have to do is that providing the same format of writing about the NAP. If you are writing address, for example the “Street” to be “St.” on your website, then keep on doing the same thing at all your business social media accounts as well. So does choosing the way to display your phone numbers, will they be started with “+” sign and country code or not and so on.

Besides it will help your social media audiences to navigate through your social media profiles, it is also affecting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

3. Ads resources for social media ads networks

If you tend to put ads on Facebook, then you will need to think about whether the ads will displayed with image or video and else. Even, as one of the most popular social media ads network, Facebook itself have various way to display the images in an ads.

And if you are interesting to start your first social media ads campaign on Facebook, other things you will need to do and have are:

  • Ads description and copywriting.
  • Plan for how much budget to spend daily and how long will it be running.
  • Dealing with the engagements when someone are posting their comment on your ads or even in your status on social media business page.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and re-planning the running ads and more

For the new businesses that have not been known by social media audiences, it is one of the faster way to promote your business on social media through the ads campaign.

4. What to post and when?

Next, you must be required to have more and more audiences or followers on your social media pages, right? And you have known that people are coming, interacting, and recommending the others about what your business is because of the interesting contents you have been shared.

Later, you will keep on dealing with the content production to make sure that you are not losing the followers (customers). So they will keep on getting in touch with your business through your social media campaign.

And to do that, you will need to know what interesting status or images to share, what videos making them spending more times on your social media and others.

You will also need to know that posting every single day may a bit hard for the beginners businessmen. Therefore, you’d better planning about which contents to post and when the best time to post them.

If you think that doing all the above things is hard for you, there is an agency that offering the best social media bali services you can pay and use especially for the businessmen that are thinking that 24 hours a day to run business is not enough at all.

5. Know the objective of running social media campaign

I think, this is the most important one that I should put it on above first point. If you are operating an online business and utilizing social media to help you with that, you need to know some of the objectives in getting and utilizing the followers as well.

New social media accounts will surely best to promote it to find people who will like the page or follow the account. But for the ole business that have been known everywhere, most of the times the objective is not only to get more sales but to keep on building the brand since it is one of the endless activity for all kind of businesses.

Social Media Campaign: What to Prepare Before?