Ordering Japanese food to be featured in your event is certainly one way to make your event stand out. But aside from the iconic sushi and sashimi dish that’s suitable for any kind of event and gatherings you’d like to host, what are other favorite food that you may want to try? Have a look at some references before approaching your Japanese food catering and book them. 

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Japanese food catering: having takoyaki is a must for a casual event 

Takoyaki is definitely among the favorites of all ages. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party full of kids or a corporate events consisting of only adults, takoyaki is a delicious addition to your catering menu. Takoyaki is best served along in a snack bar or as a side dish. Having a snack bar that’s filled with this ball-shaped delight is certainly a great way to make your event stand out. Wants to go the extra mile? Have a takoyaki chef ready to take orders from your guests. Just like sushi, the process of cooking the takoyaki itself can be so entertaining to watch. 

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According to customs, the Japanese don’t condone standing while eating on the streets. However, when you’re the host, of course the meal format is all up to you. Having takoyaki among the menu of your Japanese food catering is a brilliant option for a casual time to network, or an in-between snack among the main dishes. 

Taiyaki: the delicious red bean dessert 

Taiyaki is among the classic festival food in Japan, made of batter similar to that of a waffle, with soft red bean filling inside. This snack is best eaten freshly baked, as the crispy batter will contrast with the super soft red bean makes it just perfect. 

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Taiyaki is a perfect snack to order amongst the menu from your Japanese food catering if you invite parents whom you’re sure will bring their kids to your celebration. The sea beam shape is particularly attractive and the red bean paste filling is pleasantly sweet, a sure popular snack among the young ones. 

Have some Yakisoba

Your neighborhood’s favorite fried noodle, yakisoba is easily liked by many people. It’s usually served by bite-sized meat; chicken, pork, or whatever strikes your fancy. During festivals in Japan, yakisoba is often cooked right in front of you as you ordered the food from the stalls or booths during a festival. 

Ikayaki: a fun way to enjoy some squid 

This dish is perfect for squid lovers—it’s whole squid, in a skewer. The squid is usually seasoned by Japanese soy sauce. Having some ikayaki in your event’s catering is a sure way to make the menu you have prepared stood out. Ikayaki is a fun dish that is often treated much like a snack. Perfect to be eaten even while standing. This dish can keep a conversation going while encouraging your guests to move around. Most ikayaki is cooked as is, but some are cooked in batter. 

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Ringo Ame: the iconic candy apples!

The Ringo Ame is a favorite of kids and are often a nostalgic food for the Japanese adults. Most commonly, it’s a whole apple dipped in candy. This vibrant red candy is always present during summer festivals, sold by family food stalls. The appearance of these candy apples are highly attractive thanks to their deep and vibrant colors. Having some Japanese delicacies among your catering menu and especially this iconic sweet is a great way to spice up your event. 

Other Japanese festival food to note:

  • Kakigori 
  • Choco banana 
  • Okonomiyaki
Japanese Food Catering: Popular Festival Food in Japan