Booking a Bali catering that would fulfill all of your catering needs can be a tricky one. There are as many caterers in Bali as there are stars in the sky; the island is a wedding destination and a tourist magnet, after all. So while you’re planning an event, what should you look for before you make a deal and sign a contract with your catering Bali? What are some of the most essential things you should look for in your catering Denpasar before you book.

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Bali catering tip: how do you choose your ingredients? 

Going local is one of the requirements of the freshest ingredients you should expect from your Bali catering. Bali’s agricultural scene is still among the biggest industries on the island. So when you’re hosting an event in Bali, whether you opt for a buffet catering Bali or a plated meal, you can expect the freshest food planted and grown on the island; as long as you go local and seasonal. 

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Know your catering menu options and what your caterers specialize in

It’s difficult to determine what caterer you’d hire for your big event if you don’t have any particular type of food and dishes specified. Determining what kind of food you’d like to have is one of the first things you should do. But if you’re open to options, make sure to ask yourself these types of questions: 

  • Does your Bali caterer specialize in local Balinese food? 
  • Do you prefer caterers specializing in Italian food?
  • What about food for entree, main dishes, and dessert? 

What if you’d like for a mix of dishes in your event (eg. You want both Japanese and Italian)? Should you get separate caterers to do it or is it okay to just order from the same vendor in Bali? This would highly depend on the caterers themselves; whether they’re one of those generalists. But as a rule of thumb, always book a professional Bali catering company that has some sort of a specialization, instead of an accept-all, do-all caterers. Not only it would guarantee that they will work on something they’re experts in, but it would also give your event an edge with unique, specialized food. 

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Does, your Bali catering company offer food tasting or samples? 

This is one rule you really should not underestimate before you actually book your Bali catering. You’re going to have to taste the food first before you book. No room for argument here. Some caterers provide free tasting, others will require you to pay a certain amount of fee. Some caterers that require you to pay sometimes offer much more varied menu options to ensure that you’ve tasted most things they have to offer. So it wouldn’t be a loss even though you end up not booking the caterer. 

In line with the earlier point mentioned; make sure that you get the best ingredients; fresh, locally sourced, and of high quality, you can start by finding out about caterers near you and whether they care about the importance of freshness and the sources of their ingredients. 

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Does your catering Bali has a liability insurance? 

This insurance protects the catering companies for injuries, whether it’s their employee or customers, and it’s one of the basic business insurances that caterers should have. If your chosen caterers have this covered, then it’s easier for you to be more at ease. 

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Is there any other services the caterers provide?

Some catering companies in Bali does not simply offer a catering service. Quite a few of them are in fact, wedding vendors as well. These caterers, aside from specializing in full-service catering, usually also offer decorations and flowers as well, depending on orders and requests of the clients. 

Bali Catering Tips: What to Ask Your Caterers Before You Book