Setting sail for Komodo diving liveaboard is no doubt one of the best experiences of a lifetime. However, going on a resort diving is a valid consideration as well. Both options have their own distinct differences as well as advantages when it comes to giving you access to diving. However, for most people, it’s also a matter of finding a balance between living their vacation as well as their diving activities. 

komodo diving liveaboard

Komodo diving liveaboard allows you to explore more of the sea 

A diving liveaboard is perfect for those whose primary concern is getting as much as dive time logged on as possible. Many professionals whose primary concern is their dive opt for a trip on a dive boat because of the access liveaboard offers. going on a liveaboard and living full-time on the sea will allow you to sail to places that are otherwise too far to reach on a day trip when you’re doing a resort diving. If Komodo is your destination, then choose your pick from the liveaboard Labuan Bajo options. 

labuan bajo cruise

Resort diving offers you the most comfort and convenience 

Most people dive and snorkel as a part of their holiday. And if you’re expecting leisure day where you can just stroll down the beach or go observe the lives of the locals around you, then going to a resort diving trip is your best option. Going on a Komodo diving liveaboard will not afford you such activities. 

A diving liveaboard gives you the most out of your diving trip 

Diving liveaboard gives you all the time needed to get to difficult to reach diving spots. It will also afford you to dive so much more compared to when you’re based on land. Having to go to your diving spots from lands already takes a portion of your day out for travel time. Then you’ll have to add the time required to reach the land back before the sun sets. You won’t have to worry about this if you’re living on a boat.

komodo diving cruise or resort diving

A liveaboard trip is not for everyone 

Living on the sea, waking up to the endless horizons and watching the gorgeous tropical Indonesian sunset unobstructed may not be as romantic as it sounds when you actually get to experience it. Remember that you’re going to live faraway from lands. That means you’re going to be cut off from everyday conveniences you may have taken for granted before you actually get to live fully on board.

komodo island diving

Rooms are often cramped. Even when you’re on a more upscale boat like a luxury liveaboard Komodo, don’t expect to have the luxury of abundant space unlike when you’re comfortably in the land. You’re also going to live with anywhere from at least 6 to 20 people onboard (think about the staff working as well). 

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Going full-time on a dive boat is perfect for: 

  • Intermediate and professional divers who’d like to add hours to record their time diving. Having a certain number of hours logged is often a requirement in getting license like the PADI certifications. 
  • Underwater photographers whose priority is to get the most out of their diving trips. A Komodo diving liveaboard is ideal if the quality of your pictures as well as the quantity matters big deal for you. 
Sailing on a Komodo Diving Liveaboard vs Resort Diving