Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most visited travel destinations as well. For those who like travelling to historical site, this one is highly recommended. It provides easy access even for international tourists. Petra was once an abandoned place before it was found by Swiss explorer and the name of the Lost City of Petra was come up. This Treasury is worth travelling for because you can discover many things you have never done before. You will get to experience the thrill of mysterious city by exploring the site. 

What to Expect from the Lost City of Petra

Travelling in Petra is relatively safe even if you plan to go solo travelling. Even though the site is the main attraction, you can expect for more. However, it is still important to stay alert to potential dangers or inconvenience during your visit. 

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Bring enough cash

You must bring enough money if you are lucky to visit Petra. It can be considered as the most expensive tourist attraction in the region so you must prepare your finance. However, it is also important for you to stay alert of your money because major tourist attraction like Petra means there is always potential for theft. You have to keep track of your money all the time. Make sure to secure you belongings. If you wear a backpack, wear it at the front of your body so you can keep your eyes on it. 

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You might forget that Petra is located in the middle of the dessert. Thus, you should always bring your sunblock with high SPF to protect your skin from sunburn. The place can be extremely hot so you’d better wear comfortable clothes. Also, hot and dry weather means you are more prone to get dehydrated. Make sure to bring your own bottled water so you can stay hydrated throughout the tour. Also, don’t force yourself to keep going if you feel tired. Take your time while exploring by taking some breaks once in a while. There are places to eat or drink such as restaurants at the Visitor Center but they are not very regular. Thus, it’s better if you bring drink and snacks yourself. 

Have a map ready

Many visitors are curious whether or not there are toilets in Petra. Toilets are available in Petra but they not very regular either. That’s why you should check the map before touring so you can mark important area you might need to visit later including toilets. 

About the length of walking you will have to explore Petra, it depends on your pace. The site is pretty massive which covers 60 square kilometers. In reasonable pace, you can walk from the Visitor Center to the end of the site in two hours. It doesn’t include the detours and other things you might want to do. You may spend a full day to explore the entire site of Petra. There are 131 floors you can explore with 20 km walking distance. Prepare your fitness so you can explore without risking your health. 

Things To Expect From Travelling in Petra, the Lost City