Travelling around Peru can be a great experience for you especially when you seek for adventure. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru is Machu Picchu. However, it is not the only place you can visit during your trip. The Amazon are there to let you experience the rea wildlife. Also, there is a big city, Lima that is filled with modern and colonial architecture. All in all, Peru is a must-visit place you should include into your bucket list. As for accommodation, Peru provides many types of it you can choose according to your budget and preference. 

Options of accommodation to choose in Peru

Peru is a great country with great history of the oldest civilizations if the Inca. Staying at Peru for few days means you have to choose the perfect accommodation to keep you safe and comfortable. There are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation in Peru, such as:

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They are pretty popular in Peru. Backpackers and travelers who want to get to know more about the Peruvian culture often use to stay at homestays. They are not as common as hotels in Peru but there are plenty of them provided by agencies. Thus, you can stay with one of the Peruvian families during your visit to Peru. Student who are on long-term abroad study programs also often stay in homestays because the price is relatively cheap. However, don’t expect luxury service because the standard is different. Most common homestay destinations in Peru are Lake Titicaca and Cusco.

Jungle Lodges

They are not always found in every country but you will definitely find them in Peru. If you plane to explore the wildlife of Peru, might as well consider staying at one of the jungle lodges. They are designed to accommodate travelers who want to get closer to the nature. The price can be very high, depending on the standard services and amenities they provide. However, it is truly worth it if you want to experience something new and different. 

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There are plenty of hotels in Peru you can book. You can choose budget hotels, mid-range hotels, or top-ends hotels. They provide different standard of service and amenities which affect the price. Spas, gyms, indoor swimming pool, and a movie theater are usually provided in top-ends hotels. Meanwhile, you need to be selected in choosing budget hotels because you should expect for poor service. As for mid-range hotels, they are in between. Most of them are characterless establishments to fit the preference of Peruvian. However, they provide relatively good service with amenities such as cable TV, a fan, a hot shower, etc. 


They are perfect for your accommodations if you bring your families or group of friends with you. They are usually a house containing 4 rooms or more aiming for relaxed and comfortable feel. You will receive informal service. It is usually provided according to the guests’ preferences or the owner’s. The price is reasonably cheap and the place is relatively safe especially if you bring kids to the trip.

Various Accommodation Types in Peru