A lot of people have made it a point to fly to Bali for their vacation especially to get a tattoo. The price difference compared to prices back home is one of the deciding factors why those people loved getting inked in the paradise island.

Is your decision planned and well-informed?

If you’ve only thought about getting a tattoo only in the last 24 hours, then don’t. Finding out how cheap it is getting a tattoo in Bali compared to back home may tempt you greatly. However, this would usually lead to regrets. So much regrets during what is supposed to be a good time in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Almost everything in Bali is extremely cheap, but what is too cheap?

The exchange rate to most Western currencies automatically makes Bali one of the cheapest destinations in Asia, if not in the world. This also applies to the Bali tattoo scene. While tattoo services in Bali may cost you a mere fraction of your fortune, that does not mean walking into just any other tattoo parlor in Bali is a good decision.

Get to know reputable tattoo parlor or tattoo studio. Find out several of those reputable places and compare their prices. Get into one of those shady tattoo places at the corner of the street in Kuta, if you so wished, and asked for their pricing as well. Knowing the price range would contribute to your choices better and give you peace of mind.

Tons of tattoo parlors lining up the tourist streets

The tattoo market in Bali emerged together along with the tourism industry. Tattoos are not a part of Balinese nor Hinduism traditional culture, nor is it Indonesian that have a majority of the Muslim population. Although it is arguably not the case, many Indonesian locals do think that tattoos are one of the so-called “Western influence”.

As such, most of the tattoo parlors you’ll see are located at the busiest tourist areas. Kuta and Legian are the obvious ones. You can also find quite a few tattoo shops in Seminyak. And even the quieter Sanur area, spotting several tattoo shops here and it isn’t rare.

Prior research will pay off

Tattooing without any prior research is a one-way ticket guaranteed to get you one of your regrets of a lifetime. People know that tattoos are permanent—they’re going to stay for good on your skin and there is no way to get it off without perhaps taking your skin off—and yet there are rash decisions all the time.

Know what you want, then plan, and plan some more

For something that would stay on your skin for the rest of your life, there is no such thing as over-planning. Getting a tattoo is something that should be well-thought. Firstly, why did you decide to get a tattoo? Are you prepared to face the consequences of getting a tattoo during your Bali vacation? Spoilers: this means you will not be able to swim.

Want to Get a Tattoo in Paradise Island? Think Again