There are many things to know about the surf camp holidays. And even though many of us are only think that the top challenge we need to conquer is the wave, we’d better think again about it.

Questions answered about surf camp holidays

To start your own adventure through your surfboard especially when you are the beginners, let’s see if you have had the answers for the below questions.

1. Should you know how to swim to learn surfing?

Some people may are thinking that the question is the same to “should I need to know swimming for scuba diving?”

In fact, some of the surf camps are not really requiring you to to know how to swim for the shallow sea you are going to learn. But, surely that swimming can be the main skill you will need to know for doing things at the sea. It is for your own safety sake.

2. How long you need to be in a surf camp holidays to be pro surfer?

It is not like you will need to be in a surf camp travel package like forever. But, for the beginners, it is surely they will need to start the best surf lessons from professionals.

Some new surfers are started to know how to surf in their first week of being in a surf camp and some can even take months. You are the only one who can answer this question since each people have their own motivations, times to learn, etc.

And the only way to getting to know it is to start your professional surf training ASAP.

By the way, talking about being pro surfer will take years. But if you will only need to be know the best ways and techniques of controlling the waves and balancing yourself on the surfboard, 2 or 3 months of spending your time in a surf camp holidays should be work for that purpose.

3. Where else the surf lessons can be started?

If you think that the beach is the only place to go, you are wrong this time. To learn surfing, there are various place to visit. So do the professional lessons and instructors are.

If the surf camp holidays seem to be impossible for you at the moment, then try to find if you can visit the indoor surf training that will mostly using the flowboard, etc.

4. Is there any kind of “environmental friendly” things in a surf camp as well as the surfing itself?

It is believed that surfing can be one of the sustainable travel idea in the world. Still, we are human will surely be the main cause of environment’s degradation.

Therefore, find the surf camp that will at least care also about the nature. And to start knowing about it, you can ask the operator about the nature-friendly sunscreen you can apply before the lessons begin. There are many sunscreens today that can really harm our sea.

Surely that there will be more responsibilities and things you can do when talking about this.

5. How about the age requirement so you can be in a surf camp?

All of the surf operators are getting the different age requirements for this. It is because of the lessons are mainly for the adult, for children or kids, different purposes of the surf camp like for holidays or healing (therapy) and so on.

But mostly, those who can start to be in a surf camp and learning to surf is started around at 6 to even 65 years old. What can be interesting than that, right?

6. Is there a day surf lesson to try?

Yes, it is. Even though not all the surf companies have such program, but there are more actually that can help you with that. The benefit of starting a day surf lesson is to test whether you will really like the surf or not.

Being in a surf camps mean that you will spend days or even weeks learning to surf and that can be your best decision ever or worst. So, just gives it a try through a day of being coached by the pro instructor and see how is it going and how it will help you making the decision.

7. Will you need to exercise when you want to start the surf lessons?

Another surprising thing about surfing is that it is a sport that will requiring you to exercise with the other sports. Say it running, jogging, weight lifting, front squats, pushup, mobility drills and more.

Surfing is beautifully mixing so many kind of exercises to ensure that you will getting fit on the board. That’s what the “surf fitness” is all about.

7 Questions Answered About Surf Camp Holidays