Foods are one of the essentials we cannot live without. Even though it is also about individual preferences, it is just as much about what your body needs. Even though you don’t like vegetables, your body needs them to fulfill al necessary nutrients. Many people today are feeling somewhat confused to distinguish healthy and unhealthy foods. It can make your trip tot he grocery store more complicated that it is. 

Healthy snack

Unnecessary food to stock in your kitchen

Many people are tricked into thinking they are eating the healthiest foods while they contain only sugar just because they are plant-based or ‘natural source’. here are some of the examples of foods you thought are great but in reality, they are not healthy or beneficial for your body:

Low-fat snacks

Many people avoid snacks containing high percentage of fats because they think it will make them gain weight in a minute. However, low-fat snacks are not better. Many of these snacks are processed by adding too much sugar, vegetable oils, and artificial preservatives. These ingredients don’t really have nutritional value. It is better if you just bake your own cookies every once in a  while instead of building a habit if eating low-fat snacks on daily basis. 

Dried fruits

Many people think that dried fruits are super foods that can help them stay young and healthy forever. Dried fruits are often the go-to foods people choose when they don’t have time to prepare the fresh ones. The truth about dried fruits is that they no longer contain water so they become more concentrated. However, the sugar is still there and when you eat five plums for example in one sitting, you may get a huge sugar hit. Not to mention that some dried fruits are even sweetened with more sugar to reduce tartness. 

Packaged oatmeal

It seems like a smart choice to choose packaged oatmeal for your daily breakfast especially when you often rush to go to work. Oat is such a healthy and flavorful food to eat for breakfast or anytime if you prepare it yourself from steal-cut oats. Meanwhile, the instant package is usually added with sugars, artificial flavors, etc. If you really need packaged oatmeal, at least pick the one that is not added with variety of flavor choices. 

Diet sodas

Sodas are known to be unhealthy thing you should not drink too frequently. It contains high amount of sugar and can make you feel addicted to it because of the pleasant taste. Many people choose diet sodas in hope they make better choice. However, there is no really difference between soda and diet soda or sugar free one. Drinking sodas too frequently can lead to unhealthy weight gain. 


Many cereals now are labeled as healthy, organic, etc. However, cereals are still processed foods. You can see on the nutrition label how high the index of fat, calories, and carbs. Instead of cereals, start off your day with protein such as eggs or plant-based protein. It can help you feel more energized and full.

Unnecessary Foods You Don’t Need In Your Kitchen