There’s many reasons to go on scuba diving holiday for beginners. Some people go to challenge themselves, some want to uncover a whole new world of amazing creatures. Whatever the reasons is, having scuba diving trip for the first time gonna feel very exciting. Everything is new. You are going to prepare every scuba-related things and recheck your suitcase at least twenty times. You are going to spend some time on tropical waters (the warm water of tropical islands is usually most suitable for beginners, easier, and have richer marine life). However, you shouldn’t be too carried away with all the fun and excitement of scuba diving holiday. Because it’s your first time, it’s even more important to watch on dive holiday precaution. We all want everyone get back in one piece after a jollity in the sea. 

Precautions You Should Watch Out on Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners

A Totally Fit Stamina Before Going Into the Water

This is a no joke. To go on scuba diving holiday, both beginners and professional should be physically fit. Diving is a demanding activity that needs a lot of energy and stamina. It’s basically an exercise of itself! Make sure you have plenty of rest and and eat well before the dive. Also, spare a day after your departure before embarking on the scuba holiday, especially if you take a long flight.  

Check Whether Your Gears for Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners Are Proper

Whether you are buying your own gear or rent it from the dive centre that organise your trip, checking the decency of the gears before diving is very essential. Proper gears minimise accidents and panic attacks under the water. Make sure your dive suit has no tears, damage, or stuck zippers. Your mask should fit comfortably in your face and enclose the nose to avoid water leakage. The inlet screen should be clear, have no debris, and displays proper colour. Regulators and gauges should allow you to breathe well, and the fins should be flexible. Check for any damage in every equipments as result can be fatal. Learning how to run a pre-dive safety check guidelines is also an important thing to master in your scuba diving holiday for beginners!

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Be Mindful with the Marine Life

Do not expect that all the marine life will behave like what you see on the TV. Maybe the corals won’t be as abundant as you picture it be. The dolphins won’t be jumping around you and you might get only a glimpse of the gracious Manta Ray. Having high expectation kills. All the animals you are going to see on the dive trip is wild—they won’t behave like trained animals you’ve meet on zoo’s Marine World. Do a research of the site you’re are going to visit and have a set of realistic expectation of what you can see under. 

Beginners on Scuba Diving Holiday Should Have A Dive Buddy

Remember the famous divers’ proverb: “If you dive alone, you die alone.” Having a dive buddy is one of the biggest concerns for beginners in a scuba diving holiday. A dive buddy should be a diver with more experience than you. The one that can guide you underwater and help you in emergency situation. If you run a dive trip with dive company, they usually will provide a dive buddy in the package. 

Precautions You Should Watch Out on Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners