International tourists can already start coming to Indonesia because the border is opening already. There are many places that you must visit on your trip, but we would like to recommend a liveabard trip to Komodo Island as your next destination in your next vacation trip. Here’s the thing you’ll find and will enjoy on the trip.  

one of the phinisi styled boat that is sailing to komodo island
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Take the trip to Komodo Island with phinisi styled boat

The only way to go about and appreciate the splendor that lies between Flores and Komodo is to take a Komodo cruise. Cruising on a modern take of the Indonesian Phinisi, is the best method to cruise the archipelago and surely will give you a more real sailing experience.

There are so many boats to choose from, from the luxury that will give the best experience, to the simple kind of boat that only has the essentials for your trips. With all of them providing the greatest and safest experience for you to explore the wonders of komodo island.

Magnificent komodo dragon, keepers of the island

picture of a komodo dragon
source : unsplash

You’ll encounter the Komodo dragons that’s protected by the government. Komodo dragons are the world’s largest lizards. The world’s largest Komodo was almost 3 meters (10 feet) long and weighed 166 kilograms (366 lb). These giants, on average, stand 6 feet (1.8 meters) high for females and 8 to 9 feet (2.4 to 2.7 meters) tall for males. Their enormous size is a result to the fact that they are the apex predator on the islands where they live, with no predators of their own to fight with. Komodo have a unique way of hunting with their tongue. They can taste the air to locate their prey. After they find their prey, komodo can use their venomous saliva to paralyze and kill their prey in a day.

Beautiful landscape untouch by the civilization

Komodo National Park has many islands that have beautiful over or underwater scenery. One of them is Padar Island. This island is a small, uninhabited island in the midst of the strait between Rinca and Komodo Islands. This location has a totally unique ambiance, with steep and dry hills, cliffs plunging straight into the ocean, sea eagles swooping around, massive bays with beautiful waters, and many unknown pink-sand beaches. A one-hour hike to the peak of Padar Kecil will reward you with a stunning view over Komodo National Park. The greatest times to go trekking are during the sunrise and sunset because you got to enjoy the colourful sky.

Wonderful diving experience waiting to be seen

If you’re taking a liveaboard trip to Komodo Island, diving is a massively recommended activity to do. Many diving spots and beautiful fauna await to be discover. You’ll meet colorful corals, big schools of fishes, stingrays like mantas and eagle ray, predators like reef sharks, giant trevally and a barracuda. If you’re lucky you can meet dugong or even whales. Also, you don’t have to worry about the diving gears because the crew already takes care of it for you. It’s as easy as dive and enjoy. There are many beautiful diving spots like Castle rock, Batu Tiga, Batu Bolong, Crystal rock, Mauan, and many others. Because theres so many spots, either you are a beginner, or an expert there are diving spots for everyone.

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Liveaboard Komodo island trip, A MUST for your next vacation