The allowance for traveling during the pandemic is getting looser. Bali is a tourist destination that frees foreign tourists who come without quarantine with strict health protocols. This good news is an opportunity for you to visit the natural habitat of the popular Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park is not only famous for its iconic largest lizard but also spectacular underwater scenery with its manta points. Private boat charter Bali is the perfect one to explore Bali and its surroundings and visit Komodo Island National Park.

Private Boat Charter Bali, Get Special Price During Pandemic

Private boat charter Bali exploring Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the must-see destinations on your cruise. Nusa Penida is still limping in managing the tourism sector. This is because there is no close synergy between the government, businessmen, and local residents. The readiness of human resources and infrastructure are two crucial problems on this island which is nicknamed “Blue Heaven”.

The coastal areas and waters of Nusa Penida are known to have a high diversity of marine life. White sand beaches with perfect clear water and colorful coral reefs live in the waters of Nusa Penida. The waters of Nusa Penida are known to have prominent dive sites including Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Toyapakeh. The dive site presents underwater beauty with various biota such as Manta, coral reefs with colorful fish, various types of sharks, Mola-mola Fish (appears at certain times), cuttlefish, octopus, and many more.

Trekking, canoeing, watching the sunrise and sunset, snorkel, diving is an activity that you can do while during private boat charter Bali.

Komodo cruise boat tour

This time your Bali private boat charter trip will go to Komodo island. Komodo Island is the largest native habitat for endangered animals in the world. This endemic animal only lives on four islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island and Motang Island. The largest reptiles in the world, which live in open nature such as savanna meadows, white sandy beaches and tropical rain forests. Komodo looks scary with a large body like an ancient animal, sharp nails, scaly skin and a forked tongue that always sticks out.

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To get around or trekking, you must be accompanied by a ranger, namely the guide and handler of the Komodo dragon. Rangers will provide tourists with a stick with a forked end, which is made of one type of tree as a ‘weapon’ to weaken the Komodo dragon. If the Komodo dragon attacks, the end of the forked stick is used to press the dragon’s neck, so that in a short time the Komodo dragon will weaken and stop attacking.

Most of the dive spots in Komodo have currents, but don’t be afraid there are also calm ones.

Manta Point

It’s known for swarms of up to 100 manta rays! Makassar is a lengthy drift dive with a calm current. Despite the fact that the bottom is mostly coral rubble, it is studded with vibrant coral gardens. Mantas and other huge fish can be spotted hanging around at these “cleaning stations,” where the little fish provide a cleaning service. Manta mating trains are common at certain times of the year, and we occasionally witness the mantas feasting on their preferred diet, zooplankton. Bamboo sharks, marble rays, eagle rays, bumphead parrot fish, and unicorn fish are among the other prevalent aquatic fauna. It’s a dive you won’t want to miss!

Siaba Besar

This dive location is located within a tranquil harbor and features a large hard coral reef that is home to many green turtles, sting rays, sweet lips, and starry pufferfish. Because of its sheltered location, the reef serves as a nursery for numerous juvenile species. Look for baby bumphead parrot fish and Napoleon wrasse.

Dugongs do come to this place on occasion, so keep a watch on your surroundings. This is a fantastic snorkeling spot as well as an interesting night dive. Siaba Besar is an excellent diving location for all levels of divers, particularly beginners and courses.

Makassar Reef

Makasar Reef, also known as Karang Makasar or Manta Point, is one of the greatest places to see manta rays. At Makasar Reef, diving takes place in shallow waters of 10-15 meters on a sandy bottom with broken corals and small stones. Divers usually swim with the current, surrounded by manta rays on their way to the cleaning station. Divers can also see sharks, eagle rays, bumphead parrot fish, turtles, and smaller fish like gobies and flasher wrasses in addition to manta rays. Due to its depth and low currents, this drift dive is excellent for divers of all levels.

Batu Bolong

One of the best dive locations in the world. Due to its powerful currents, it is best suited for advanced and experienced divers. In the depths of Batu Bolong, there are large schools of fish, many pelagic fish, and many shark species.

On the surface, the Batu Bolong site appears to be a little rock, but it is actually a massive boulder that extends deep into the blue to a depth of 70 meters. The rock is home to a diverse array of marine life as well as some spectacular hard and soft corals. Batu Bolong is accessible all year.

Private boat rental Bali Price

During a pandemic, of course, the demand for travel is lower, yacht rental prices which are certainly cheaper. Boat facilities usually depend on your budget. For simple boats usually do not provide air conditioning in every room. Sunrise and sunset connoisseurs will certainly be able to enjoy it on the boat deck. Snorkeling equipment is usually provided by the operator. Those who want to dive should ask if the operator provides diving equipment.

Private Boat Charter Bali, Get Special Price During Pandemic