Moving to Bali- Renting Private Villas in The Island

Most people think of Bali when they picture a paradise island. However, for those who have experienced it, it is more than that. It’s understandable why so many people choose to find themselves on “the island of the Gods,” with its stunning beaches, clear oceans, and surfable waves, as well as its fascinating temples, local gourmet culture, and vibrant nightlife. Now, more digital nomads, armed with laptop and VPN, as well as business expats are moving to this island to live permanently. For the premise of swapping the cubicle wall with the view of rice terraces, living in gorgeous private Bali villas, and going for sunset in the beach post work hours, moving to Bali seems to be a good deal for many.

Why You Should Look for Private Villas in Bali

Well, you don’t want to spend 6 months in a hotel room, do you? If you are staying for 6 months or even years, it’s safe to say that you’ll be staying in Bali “permanently”. Fortunately this island is blessed with plethora of private villas to choose. 

Before Hunting for Houses in Bali

It is a good idea to obtain a sense of what to expect in terms of housing and residential areas before moving to Bali. You’ll find that the majority of Balinese reside in bungalows with enormous terraces that are shaded in order to avoid the intense daily heat.

There are many private villas with swimming pools in Bali that are available for those who prefer something more modern, and they often have caregivers. Be aware that you will pay more than you might anticipate for the standard of life if you go to Bali and intend to live in housing geared toward international residents.

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Try Out Some Villas in Bali Before Settling Down

Try Out Some Villas in Bali Before Settling Down

You should only reserve a spot for a few weeks if you need fast wifi for internet work. Then, while you are already in Bali, you can message other Airbnb hosts to see if they mind if you test their wifi before you book their accommodations.

You should also be aware that if you require really strong wifi, there are just a few areas on the island where you may live. WiFi is also spotty in Bali. We only suggest visiting Ubud, Kuta, or Canggu. With regard to wifi, Kuta is the best of the three.

Finding A Guesthouse

You will be provided with an overwhelming selection of housing possibilities, regardless of the area you select. There are options for every price range. Even though many establishments offer discounts for longer stays, you only need to reserve lodging for the first week because you’ll probably want to travel around. Just use the first week to explore your alternatives and learn the ropes.

Try to reserve a room at a family-run inn. If you do, you’ll be in a position to plan a reasonably priced airport transfer in advance and avert the mayhem that awaits travelers on the other side of Ngurah Rai’s immigration lines.

Maintaining A Good Relationship with the Guesthouse Owner

Family-run companies in Bali frequently work together, so even if you relocate across the island, your original host can help you with logistics like taxis, boats, luggage storage, and future accommodation. This is in addition to giving visitors a personal introduction to the island’s culture. You never really know who you’re talking to when dealing with a major company, but you can rely on a Balinese family.

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Purchasing Private Bali Villas for Investment

If you are moving to Bali for good, there’s nothing wrong for investing in private villas in Bali. When the expats both from Asian and the West are looking for a place to recharge, Bali is one of the top destinations. Luxury home prices rose by 15% from year to year, and the price of vacant land has soared at rates that haven’t been witnessed anywhere. Due to the unfavorable foreign ownership laws in the area, renting a villa is another popular choice.

Moving to Bali: What You Should Know About Private Villas