Packing Efficiently With Only Your Carry-On To Sustain Your Trip
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Travelling doesn’t have to be so complicated. You can be as simple as you can and still enjoy the trip to the fullest. One of the most daunting parts of travel for most people is packing. Choosing and packing the items you need for the trip is no so pleasant because it may take time. Sometimes, deciding what to pack itself is the real agony for some people. They often end up packing unnecessary things due to overthinking. 

Taking only carry-on for your trip? Pack it up!

If you consider for a short period, you can take only your carry-on. Keep in mind that most of the times you only pack what you think you need for the trip. It makes packing process not so efficient anymore with how much time wasted and how many unnecessary items being packed into numerous bags. Keep it simple by packing efficiently using your carry-on:

Choose the right size of your carry-on

Th TSA has their own policy regarding to the size of carry-on that are allowed into the cabin with you. Of course, each airline also has their own policies regarding to the size. General rule for it is that you are allow to bring carry-on not larger than 22” x 14” x 9”. you are also allowed to bring personal items that can fit under the seat in front of you. 

Pick to push or pull

Carry-on can be pushed or pulled. Depending on your preference, you can choose either. However, it is more recommended to pull your roll-aboard bag since it will be more comfortable for your body. It is more beneficial and practical. Not to mention that this kind of carry-on is often more useful. It is not recommended to pick ‘spinner’ bag since it tends to take up too much space for the exterior alone. Also, it is less comfortable to carry around, putting a strain more on your body. 

Pick wisely

You need to pick what items to be put into your carry-on carefully. Choose your clothes that are  in neutral shades. You may also pack one or two with splashes of color since they go well with accessories. It is recommended to lay out all your outfits and make sure that what pieces that will work well with the entire wardrobe. This way, you can make few pieces into so many outfits.

Don’t fold but roll

To pack more efficiently, choose rolling your wardrobe instead of folding them. The former method allows more spaces and minimize wrinkles. Your undergarments can be put into any open crevice. Also, wear the bulkiest outfits on the flight such as jacket, to free up some space in your carry-on. The cabin is pretty much freezing anyway so it will be useful for you. 

Pack useful items such as ziploc bag, bandages, small plastic sectioned container, reusable grocery tote, and travel umbrella. Also, you can consider sink washing then hang them dry to keep your items clean during your trip. 

Packing Efficiently With Only Your Carry-On To Sustain Your Trip