Travelling to Nusa Dua Resorts for G20? Here’s How to Make It Comfy

Tourism businesses are leveraging the international attention the conference is generating by taking advantage of the fact that Bali is now on the international stage and that delegates from over 25 countries are arriving there. Delegates of the G20 will be staying at the exclusive, gated complex area in Nusa Dua, where five star resorts dot along the golden sand beach. However, travelling for international G20 conference can be quite hefty especially if you are one of the officers. With all the tasks and busy schedule, getting a good night sleep at the resort could be quite a trouble—even when you got the beachfront suite. 

Sometimes, this is brought on by a change in time zones or a full schedule. We can, however, also mess with our sleep-wake cycle by simply staying in a hotel or another strange location. Don’t let your sleep schedule suffers and stay fresh every morning for the G20 conference.

Minimise the Light During the Night

A naturally occurring hormone that is regulated by light aids in the beginning of sleep. We produce less melatonin when we are exposed to sunlight, which enables us to remain awake and attentive during the day. However, melatonin releases in the body as the sun sets and we are exposed to less light, making us feel drowsy and ready for bed. Sleeping may be hampered if your room is overly bright or if tiny flecks of light enter your bedroom. You can rely that all the Nusa Dua resorts have blackout drapes to block out outside light. It’s possible that some light sources will nonetheless get into your hotel room.

Hacks: Pack an eye mask and use extra paper clip to bind the drape together, minimising any light that might seeps in. 

Keep Noise to Minimum

According to experts, noise levels in bedrooms should not exceed 30 decibels, or about the volume of a whisper, and anything over 40 decibels may have a negative impact on one’s health. That is less than the volume of a bird call and somewhat on par with library sound levels. Some hotels provide white noise machines upon request or provide sound machine/alarm clock combinations in the room to block out obtrusive noise. 

Hacks: Pack earplugs just in case to deal with erratic noises like rowdy neighbors.

Ask for A Strategic Room When Booking the Nusa Dua Resorts

Ask for A Strategic Room When Booking the Nusa Dua Resorts

Sometimes what you really need from a resort during a G20 conference in Nusa Dua is not the beachfront room (though it’s really nice to have). Rather, it’s a room that can guarantee a good rest. Reserve a room halfway down the hall. Due to its distance from the ice and vending machines, guest laundry rooms, entrances, cleaning closets, and other potential noise-producing areas, this area of the floor is typically the quietest. If the hotel offers a concierge or suite level, request one. Those rooms occasionally feature higher ceilings, providing you a little more breathing room from those above you. Ask for a room far from the pool. You don’t want to hear the sound of loud water splashing and people shouting when you are trying to sleep.

Hacks: When choosing room at Nusa Dua beach resorts Bali, ask for a room in the hallway and a suite with higher ceiling, if any. Avoid room facing the pool. 

Adapt to Indonesian Time Zone After Your Flight

Make every effort to swiftly adjust to the local time in Bali. Increase your sun exposure and activity level if it is daylight when you land to stay awake. Even though it is not your usual bedtime, once it is time for bed in your new location, reduce your light exposure and try to unwind and sleep as much as you can.

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Adjust the Sleeping Habit to Your Regulars

When staying at a hotel, make the bed feel as comfortable as your own. If feasible, try to reserve a room with a queen bed if you often sleep on a queen-sized mattress. Ask the front desk for additional pillows if you generally sleep on your side and use a body pillow. If there is room, bringing your own pillow or pillowcase will make you feel more comfortable and at home.

Travelling to Nusa Dua Resorts for G20? Here’s How to Make It Comfy