Five years back, Padar island was only one minuscule remote island in Indonesian outskirts. Presently, it’s an a movement sensation—and will take your breath away. It’s difficult to not be stricken by Padar’s extraordinary appeal. Behind the tough slopes and profound bayous, Padar shrouds an awesome view that make any voyagers return for additional. It’s one of the uncommon spot on earth where its genuine scene is obviously better than any photograph altering stunt can do. 

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

Padar Island Adventure to Rugged Hills and Dazzling Water 

Padar sits directly in the center of Komodo and Rinca and is the third biggest terrain in Komodo National Park after the two. It was before a home to UNESCO-ensured Komodo Dragons also, however now it’s totally without winged serpents. The reptiles had since a long time ago left the small Padar as they came up short on food, proceeded onward to the local where the islands are greater and food are bounty. Fortunate for us voyager, we can appreciate the awesome Padar without getting followed by the mythical beasts. 

A Mini Guide to the Padar Island

The most effective method to get to the phenomenal Padar

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

Much as the same as some other destinations in Komodo National Park, you can just reach Padar by the liveaboard phinisi ship from the Labuan Bajo. There are commonly three method of adventures in Labuan Bajo. You can book a private boat and sail independently. With the crew operating the boat and serve you onboard, of course. Though dates of sailing are usually predetermined by the company, you have the freedom to choose destinations around Padar Island and Komodo to visit. Second is joining a liveaboard open trip. You will be assigned a bed (or two, depend on how many slots you booked) in the liveaboard. On this trip, you will be sharing the boat with other travelers and follow a fixed itinerary. Third is going by a speedboat. This means you will not sleep in the phinisi boat as it is on liveaboard. You will go to Padar and probably couple other island during the day and back to Labuan Bajo to spend the night. The island itself is located around 30km from Labuan Bajo, taking roughly 1.5 hours by vessel. 

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What’s In There 

Padar island is not like anything you’ve seen previously; where emotional scene gently mixes with feeling of remoteness and serenity. The exceptional spiked caramel slopes overwhelming the island will catch your consideration minutes before drawing closer. Your principle goal is the place the slopes toughly grade to tops. You will have an hour of climb to arrive at these top to get the most crazy all encompassing perspective ever.

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

This is the place the island uncovers it’s extraordinary excellence. A perspective in general islands, with three individual sounds lay tucked away among the savannah slopes. Every inlet lined by various shade of sea shore—pink, dark, and white—conversely with the profound turquoise sea. When you arrive, it’s difficult to return down. 

Best Time to Visit Padar 

Dusks and dawn are the best an ideal opportunity to climb into this epic spot. During this time, the sun is excusing and the warmth is tolerable. It’s the second when the sun allows its best to best, transforming the brilliant island into a much increasingly dreamlike dreamscape. Perceive how brilliant lights of the sun touch the fresh savannah, enlightening the entire island with unbelievable sparkle. 

Visiting Padar Island in April-June will give you a perspective on green-covered terrain. It’s the season when the island is the greenest, standing brilliantly against the blueness of the ocean. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to see the island in coppery savannah, come around August-September. It may be dry and sandy, yet the browny landscape will reveal a totally unique appeal of Indonesia. 

Upbeat voyaging! Remember to bring a decent game shoes and have a great climb!

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields