For tourists coming from tropical countries like Asia, Africa or Central America, winter is like a magnificent holiday season since the snow covers the buildings, the streets where they all look like are beautiful and white. Despite the average temperature in winter is 7 ° C or extremely down to -10 ° C, tourists from tropical countries are always fun to do the activities. For reference, this article will turn out to be favorite countries for the winter holidays!


Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Switzerland is a country on the border of Germany, France, Italy and Austria, in which you will find cities and natural landscapes famous for being on the slopes of the Alps, famous for their beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the snow that falls when the winter becomes beautiful! It looks like “frozen joux lake” or each winter, we are normally delighted to see the Lac de Joux transforming into a natural ice rink. And if artistic figures do not tempt you, go for the treasure hunt followed by a chocolate fondue! In addition, you can visit “the frozen Champex lake” at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif, sits a pretty alpine lake bordered by the Champex-Lac station. This “little Swiss Canada” makes skaters happy, sometimes until April.


Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Canada is a country on the mainland of America lying just north, straddling the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the Davis Strait. Hiking is a favorite activity during winter, Canadians do it when winter comes. The most popular spots are at Maligne Canyon and Johnston Canyon in the Rockies. To visit these canyons, you will follow an experienced guide and be equipped with special shoes, then you will walk through the frozen canyon.

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Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Iceland is a country largely covered with snow. The country is located near Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Many unique places due to natural processes. Like glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, rafting, whales and other surprises await you in Iceland. The Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks have huge protected glaciers. Most Icelanders live in the capital, Reykjavik, which is powered by geothermal energy. It houses the National Museum and the Sagas Museum, which retrace the Viking history of the country.

New Zealand

Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Among the previously mentioned countries where the snow is best, only New Zealand is in the southern part of the earth where the country’s climate is subtropical. In this country, you will have a magnificent view of the stretching mountain. The best season to visit a tourist site such as the Fiordlands on the South Island, and in particular Milford and Doubtful Sound, is in winter, when rain showers are more frequent. The waterfalls and waterfalls then become truly impressive.

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Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!