As Komodo’s notoriety getting progressively well known among explorers, numerous couples has just put Komodo cruise trip in their special first night goal records. How might you deny a sentimental cruising trip in Komodo? The splendid blue water, rich marine life, brilliant white line of sea shores, and, in particular, the charming state of mind hanging in this totally remote bit of earth is completely compelling. While honeymoon on Komodo can be a relaxing time after the wedding, it accompanies the two upsides and downsides that you’d want to know before choosing to set out. 


Trip on Komodo Cruise is Very Efficient 

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

Consider what you have to get ready when you are making arrangements for honeymoon trip. Planning destinations, transportation you gonna need to take, and lodgings are just some of the complication of holiday planning. You need to think the details like; do you need to rent a car to get around? Will train do just good to reach the attractions you want to visit? Do you need to move hotels to get nearer with the destination? What for lunch and where you want to have dinner? You are might not aware of this, but honeymoon planning can be so complicated!

However, trip with Komodo cruise is could be the easiest holiday you ever have. It’s one sort of excursion where you get everything on one bundle. Liveaboard gives most part the of holiday essentials—lodges where you rest, boat to convey you to all destination islands, and dinners for each feast time. All you have to do is simply reserving the liveaboard excursion and let the visit organization wrap up. 

Pack for One Time and Done

Since there’s no compelling reason to proceed onward one inns to another for remaining nearer to trip goal, you simply need to unload once for the entire special first night trip. Furthermore, we are know the issue that accompanies two emptied bags. 

A Budgeted Trip 

The biggest temptation of going on a trip: uncontrollable shopping! It’s so easy to get into a shop and buy some knick-knacks when you are on the way on a trip. In Komodo cruise trip, that’s not gonna happen. Or at least, your spending will be much controllable when you are on the boat. There won’t be any impulsive trips to nearby shops on a sailing trip. Also, you already know the cost of your excursion and the planes—and that makes budgeting a lot more easier. 

Komodo Cruise is the Best Place to Chill

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

The liveaboard wont just be your vessel. During the outing, you can simply chill and unwind with your other half in the deck, relaxing and getting a charge out of the all encompassing scene while hanging tight for the following goal. That is the thing that we call as important quality time! 

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Restricted Dining Choice on Komodo Cruise

Having a honeymoon holiday without thinking about what to eat for lunch and dinner? That would save so much time and energy! Unfortunately, however, this could also means limitation of dining option. You will be stuck with whatever the liveaboard crew cooks for you. 

No Time to Soak Up on Local Culture 

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

Most Komodo cruise trip just docks for not many hours in an island, so there’s likely not sufficient opportunity to absorb on Flores’ neighborhood culture. On the opposite side of the coin, be that as it may, most islands in the National Park are bone-dry from civilisation—so there’s not so much things to miss. 

The Probability of Getting Seasick 

Goodness, the gathering pooper of cruising trip! It’s actually a killjoy to get nausea assault you or your accomplice, when all that you need to do is simply chill and ingest the magnificent landscape. Make certain to get together nausea groups or medication to counter the sickness.

Honeymoon on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!