Romantic travel is already a commodity so it is not hard today to find romantic travel destinations. There are many of them. You can even decide your romantic getaway in particular theme to fit your interest. Among so many places out there, Japan is one of the best travel destinations in the world including for romantic trip. There are various spots you and your partner can visit to spend your romantic vacation. One of them is ryokans. There are ryokans scattered around Japan you can just book. 

Best ryokans in Japan for romantic vacation

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns. It is completed with a communal bath where the water comes from the underground hot springs. Japan is the perfect place to find thousands of ryokans. Here are most recommended ryokans you can book to spend your romantic vacation:


Myojinkan is ryokan located in Nagano, where there are other hundreds ryokans scattered around it. This particular ryokan doesn’t apply strict traditional design since it boasts comfortable western-style beds. Certain rooms even has an upholstered settee. You can enjoy various types on onsens provided by this ryokan. It is easy to reach Myojinkan since it’s only 30 minute away from Matsumoto City where you can find various attractions. The Matsumoto Castle is a must visit site there. 

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Asaba Ryokan

Asaba is a family-run ryokan owned by Asaba family since 1675. It is a classic ryokan located only 2 hours from Tokyo. It is situated in the town of Shizuoka and considered the most luxurious hot-springs inn. Asaba is a great place that provide soothing and serene setting. It is framed by a fish pond with a waterfall. You will also find a bamboo forest at the back of the inn. You can book one of the guest rooms overlooking the view of the bamboo forest. There is also an onsen in which men and women have different time to soak in. You can also rent a private onsen exclusively so you can use it with your partner anytime without concerning other guests. 

Kai Sengokuhara

Kai Sengokuhara is also recommended hot-springs ryokan located in Hakone. It is situated near the mountain giving off the tranquility. The interior design of this ryokan is full of artwork started from the gallery to the atelier made by resident artists. This ryokan has two indoor baths you can enjoy. One of them has hot temperature while the other is only above the body temperature. There is also outdoor bath overlooking beautiful, lush forest and garden. The guest rooms overlooking nature views have private onsen you can book so you can relax while enjoying the view. 

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Japanese are known to embrace modern technology but that doesn’t mean they don’t preserve their tradition and culture. It is shown by how ryokans are still there. Most of them are also family-run. Even though they are traditional inns, they still provide various touches of luxury to keep you comfortable during your stay. Not to mention that most ryokans strategically situated in the middle of beautiful nature.

Spending Your Romantic Vacation at Japanese Ryokans