For some people, it is such a non-sense to love eating foods that burn our tongue or make you sweat like crazy. However, it is not a thought spicy food lovers can relate to. For them, burning tongue and sweaty body are parts of the best effects of eating delicious, mind-numbing dishes. For them, they reach the satisfaction when they sweat a bucket. There are so many spicy dishes around the world you’d probably like to try but there are the spiciest out there you definitely don’t want to miss out:

Phaal Curry

Phaal Curry

Curry is already considered spicy on its own. However, Phaal Curry is on another level. This Indian dish will test your love of spicy foods. Many other curries get kick of from chili powder, green chilies, garlic, and paprika. Meanwhile, this particular dish take it to another level by adding habanero or scotch hot bonnet pepper. Those are added into the tomato-based sauce. Some people even made homemade version by adding ghost pepper, which is considered one of the spiciest chilies in the world. 


Jjambong is Chinese cuisine that was introduced in South Korea back then around 1880s. you can find Jjambong from restaurant to street food stalls. This is a noodle dish in which the soup is literally mind-blowing due to its spicy level. A bowl of Jjambong is loaded with variety of seafood such as squids and mussels. Added into the bowl is pork, noodles, cabbages, carrots, and zucchini. The special soup is made with kelp, gochugaru, which is a Korean chili powder made from Korean red chili pepper. 

Chilate de Pollo

This dish is packed with lots of delightful ingredients. This is basically braised chicken stew with bright red broth made from dried guajillo chilies and chilies de arbol. Another special ingredient that becomes the key is epazote, a herb which has licorice-like flavor. Even though tongue-numbing, it still taste delicious especially with the tomato base that help temper down the spiciness a little bit. 

Sichuan Hot Pot

Asian countries are known for their varieties of spicy dishes. They taste delightful even though your tongue is at the risk of getting burnt. And one of the spiciest dishes of all is Sichuan hot pot from China. It is interesting dish where you are served  a bowl of deep, red, steaming, bubbling broth. The key of the mind-numbing spiciness is Sichuan red chili and peppercorns. Other ingredients to add include tofu, beef, and some vegetables. Not only will your mouth feel the burn, your eyes will water, and your forehead will sweat a bucket. 


rujak buah

Rujak is fruit salad originally from Indonesia and can taste lots spicier than you think. Of course, the level of spiciness can be adjusted accordingly. However, the original rujak can make you sweat heavily. The main ingredients are varieties of fruits such as mangoes, papayas, guavas, star fruits, and more. It is then added special sauce made from palm sugar, lots of chili peppers, a bit of salt, a bit of shrimp paste, and tamarind paste.

Tongue-Numbing Dishes That Get You Addicted