Summer is almost identical with beach trip and, for ocean lover, it’s just a perfect timing to have an amazing surf holidays. Surfing is the perfect blend of adrenaline pumps, ocean rhythm, and warm radiating sun. This is that kind of sport that would bring you on adventure to best beaches all around the world and ride phenomenal waves. Through surfing holidays, you would also constantly meet new people, learn new cultures, and expand your horizon at every country you arrive. Just like any holiday, though, surf trip needs a thorough planning to ensure best experience. Here’s our complete guide on planning a fantastic surfing break! 

Planning A Great Surfing Holidays!

Pin the Map!

Where do you want to go for this surf holidays? Do you want to go on nearby surfing destination on your country that you’ve never try before? Or maybe you want to go abroad on countries with famous surfing break? Before you go, you might check the weather and surf forecast in your destination. Also, only pick up destination that match with your surfing skills. If you are a beginner, for example, you probably don’t want to head to Maui where the waves are among the heaviest.  

Plan Places on Destinations

Does your destination have more than one surf spot that you want to visit? Is there any interesting attraction or cultural show you want to see between surfing time? Plan the itinerary as clear as possible from now. Plan as you know what you want to do once you reach the destination but still leave some room for improvisation. 

Want to Stay at Surf Camp during Your Surf Holidays? 

If you are a beginner, going to surf camp during your surfing holidays is definitely recommended. They provide hostel-like accommodation with proper space to store your boards, are budget friendly, and usually serve good food with a twist of local cuisine. Most surf camps has tutor and surf class you can join to. You can also rent surfing equipment from them with a good price, in case you don’t bring your own. Surf camp is a good place to grow your confidence in surfing and meet new, likeminded friends!

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Protecting Your Surf Board

If you think you can’t surf without the comfort of your own gear, then you need to start planning on how to take your surf board safely. Know that flights can be long, and transit means having your board moved repeatedly by unknown hands. The safety of your board is at risk. Please provide board bag with padding at least 7mm – 10mm thick. Insert your wetsuit, some clothes, and towels between the board and the bag for extra protection. 

Conversely, you can just leave your board home and rent one at the destination. Many surf shops open rent board with bargain prices. In most popular surfing country like Australia, you can even buy a used board and sell it again before you leave. If you prefer much practical surf holidays, this option is a perfect solution. 

Think About Extra Accessories

Do you want to bring extra fins or leash string with you? It feels more convenient to know that you have spare parts handy in case something happen. However, this is not mandatory, as you can always buy a new one at the destination. Major surf brands usually have their branch on famous surfing destination, like Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, or Portugal. Unless you are travelling to more remote islands, this shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes, you can also stumble into great local products—like wax—that you can’t find back in your home country. 

Planning A Great Surfing Holidays!