Itinerary is important for traveler because it help to make your travel free of hassles. At least, you can avoid predictable hassle as the unpredictable ones might still happen no matter how well you are with the preparation. Travel itinerary doesn’t have to be so detailed. Basically, every traveler can make itinerary in their own style. Some travelers like to go in-depth itinerary where everything is planned to details. However, there are also travelers who prefer to make itinerary contain of general things they need to do or have for their travel. So, the choice is yours to make. 

How to make itinerary?

Travel itinerary is important because it can be you guidelines to enjoy your travel to the fullest. It is like a map you need to guide you through your goal of travel. With itinerary, you also have more control and feel less anxious about your travel. To make perfect itinerary, you need to know what kind of itinerary you’d like to make that really fits you. Here are several tips to make travel itinerary.

Tips To Make Travel Itinerary

Set your budget

You can decide how much you can afford for the travel expense. This way, you know where to spend your money. You can prioritize things well. By knowing your budget, it is easier for you to pick destination or what type of trip you really want to experience. Keep in mind to estimate more than you might need.

Pick destination

Deciding where to go for a vacation can be challenging because there are so many options. Your budget can help you decide it easier. If you have bucket list then it’s better because you don’t have to do some researches just to pick destination. You can simply pick destination from your bucket list that meet your preference and budget. 

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Prepare your documents

Traveling means you need to prepare necessary documents such as passport, visa, credit card, ID, etc. Make sure your documents are still valid. It is also important to make copies of the documents you are going to need for safety measure. 

Booking accommodation and transportation – You need to book your flight early if you want to get the best deals. Avoid peak season because the ticket is usually at the highest price. If it’s possible, book your flight few months prior your trip. Then, start create raw itinerary since you already know where and when to go. Then, start searching for accommodation. Once you find it, book it. 

Make list of what to pack

It is easier for you to make list of things you should pack for the trip. Thus, you won’t miss any essentials. It is highly recommended to pack light so you won’t have to deal with huge luggage that is heavy to carry everywhere. Also, make sure to pack the right items that you definitely will need later. 

Also, it is important to set your expectation. You can anticipate your trip but don’t set unrealistic expectation because there is no perfect travel. The point is to get excited, free your mind, and enjoy every moment. 

Tips To Make Travel Itinerary