Imagine sailing to a remote destination, where the air is pristine and the water is fresh. A land where nature rules in its wildness and modern development were scarce. Uninhibited islands covered by rustic auburn grasses, colonized by the last Komodo dragons the world. Imagine waking up on your Komodo liveaboard; the boat is sailing across this beautiful frontier on a quiet morning. Upon you is vast blue sea, stretched out in all directions. The sounds of the waves lapping on the vessel’s body sounds very calming. There’s one thing left to do to complete the serene ambience; a morning yoga in the deck.

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Yoga Holiday in Komodo Liveaboard

There are so many things to do in Komodo; walking with the dangerous and endangered Komodo Dragons, exploring the neighbouring islands, visiting empty beaches, diving the ultra-rich underwater, sunrise watching, surfing, kayaking, and thousands other things. From all things enjoyable to do in Komodo, yoga is definitely on the top of the list. Some take it as part of fun activities for the day. Some other, like those true yogini enthusiasts, dedicated the whole Komodo trip for a holistic yoga retreat. It’s easy to find Komodo liveaboard that have yoga session on their service or the one with a dedicated yoga pack on the trip.

Daily Sunrise and Sunset Yoga

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Absorbing the first and last rays of the sun in meditation and relaxing yoga is the perfect way to both start and end a day. Picture this. You are lying down in the yoga mat, in top deck of the Komood liveaboard, a light breeze is caressing your skin. Now you can hear the sound of the sea while closing your eyes and focusing your mind to the breathing. You feel completely relaxed and deeply connected to all the elements of nature around…

Between the sunrise and sunset yoga, Komodo is spread unfolded for wild explorations. Take a walk with the dragons, dive the wonderfully rich underwater, snorkel in the clear water, kayak to secluded shore, or simply relaxing in one of Komodo’s empty beaches.

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Sailing for the Wellbeing in Komodo Liveaboard

It’s almost a sin to waste the unpolluted air on the remote Komodo. The true relaxation of this sailing holiday makes it a perfect destination for yoga. When was the last time you can have sun salutation in a fresh open air like this? Doing yoga in the middle of the sea, far from any modern civilization amplifies its benefit. Among its advantages are relaxed mind, better breath control, improved lung capacity, anxiety management, and gaining greater strength and flexibility.

Revel in the wholesomeness of yoga retreat in the far flung Komodo. Immerse in the sense of disconnectedness of all worldly worries and feel a new, purer connectivity with the earth. Find your cosmic balance within the peace of Komodo. 

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing